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The ecoinvent database supports a broad and diverse range of sustainability assessments.

Our data enables users to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental impacts of their products and services. The database is a repository that covers a diverse range of sectors and contains more than 20,000 datasets modeling human activities and processes.

The structure of the database allows users to trace the impacts of their products throughout the supply chain and to flexibly apply different uses of the data depending on their needs.

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Trust in transparency

When data is transparent, it is easier to identify the sources of environmental impact and make informed decisions to take action.

Our database enables stakeholders to assess and understand the environmental impact of products and services and take action towards building a sustainable future. Our database is traceable, providing comprehensive documentation for all aspects of the database and annual reports documenting changes.

The ecoinvent database is updated annually to include new and improved data, as well as technical improvements. Our data quality guidelines describe the methodology behind the modeling of the database and a detailed description of the system models.

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Access to the ecoinvent database can be acquired through an ecoinvent license.

Explore our different license types to find the access that best suits your needs.

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ecoinvent version 3.10

ecoinvent version 3.10 is here

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive and current environmental data.


Version 3.10 of the ecoinvent database brings a wealth of new and updated data across various sectors.


ecoinvent v3.10 includes new impact assessment methods and classifications. Sectors updated with version 3.10 include Agriculture, Building and Construction, Chemicals, Electricity, Forestry and Wood, Fuels, Metals, Packaging, Pulp and Paper, and Waste.

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Hear from our partners

“In addition to a plurality of user-friendly functions, e.g. units handling, uncertainty analysis, waste scenarios, the unique selling point of SimaPro compared to other LCA software tools is its handling of parameters. Combined with ecoinvent, parameter modeling enables screening and full LCAs with high credibility. Look forward to see how SimaPro and ecoinvent can help answering tomorrow’s LCA questions.”

Dr. Anders S.G. Andrae,
Senior Expert of LCA,
Huawei Technologies

“To make informed decisions, our teams require accurate data which can reflect improvement. Nestlé works with external LCI database providers such as ecoinvent to ensure transparency in the assessments and to develop databases which benefit not only Nestlé but the LCA community at large.”

Namy Espinoza-Orias,
Food Life Cycle Assessment Specialist,
Sustainability & Novel Packaging Group

“myclimate appreciates the ecoinvent database as a consistent and transparent source to perform tailor-made customer calculations and analyses. We have been using ecoinvent for many years in our consulting work for climate protection at Swiss, European or global level – which corresponds perfectly with the dataset structure of ecoinvent.”

Martin Lehmann,
Project Leader Carbon Management Services,

“The ‘Gold Standard’ for LCA data – that’s ecoinvent. Authoritative, comprehensive, detailed and very fairly priced, there really isn’t anything else that comes close. As a user I’ve been impressed by its breadth, as an editor I’ve been struck by its thoroughness. Also as a data-supplier, I’ve found the staff helpful and easy-to-work-with. No doubts: if you want to do LCA, make sure you do ecoinvent.”

Eric Johnson,
Managing Director,
Atlantic Consulting