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The world’s most transparent life cycle inventory database

Our mission is to promote and support the availability of high-quality environmental data worldwide to support informed sustainability decisions.


We offer a range of data licenses to suit your needs, whether you are an individual, a commercial enterprise, or an educational institution. With ecoinvent, you can be confident using the most up-to-date and reliable data available.

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ecoinvent version 3.10

ecoinvent version 3.10 is here

Version 3.10 of the ecoinvent database brings a wealth of new and updated data across various sectors. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive and current environmental data.


ecoinvent v3.10 includes new impact assessment methods and classifications. Sectors updated with version 3.10 include Agriculture, Building and Construction, Chemicals, Electricity, Forestry and Wood, Fuels, Metals, Packaging, Pulp and Paper, and Waste.

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Introducing the Knowledge Base
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Explore our new user support platform

The Knowledge Base is designed to empower new and existing users of the ecoinvent database. This comprehensive resource hub is a centralized repository for essential information, offering clear guidance on accessing and effectively using our database.


Users can explore a variety of support materials, including informative articles that delve into critical aspects of the ecoinvent database, covering topics ranging from market activities to data formats.


Whether you’re a novice user looking for basic guidance or an experienced practitioner seeking advanced technical support, the ecoinvent Knowledge Base is a one-stop destination for unlocking the full potential of the ecoinvent database.

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