Brightway is an open-source software platform that facilitates LCA and environmental impact analysis. It is a valuable tool for individuals and organizations seeking to assess the environmental footprint of products, processes, and systems. Brightway’s key strength lies in its ability to harness vast datasets, including ecoinvent data, to provide comprehensive insights into the environmental impacts of various activities.


Organized by Départ de Sentier and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Brightcon provides a dynamic environment for the open-source LCA community. Attendees have the unique opportunity to troubleshoot and build solutions together in workshop sessions and gain hands-on experience with tools and technologies like Brightway alongside experts from diverse fields.


As the Strategic and Innovative Lead Partner of Brightcon 2023, ecoinvent is proud to have sponsored this year’s hybrid event and supported this vital hub of the open-source LCA community.


We are pleased to share a glimpse of Brightcon 2023 and showcase how Brightway and ecoinvent are supporting the remarkable work of sustainability enthusiasts and LCA thought leaders who are leveraging the power of data to promote sustainability. Our recently released video below introduces some of the LCA experts who participated in this year’s conference:



The ecoinvent team is thankful to everyone who made this conference a resounding success!