Noemi joined ecoinvent in 2022 after an extensive career in the information technology sector and quickly became a driving force behind our marketing and communication activities. She has a background in visual communication, management, and economics, and has worked in advertising and marketing at both technology start-ups and large enterprises.

Since joining ecoinvent, Noemi successfully developed and led internal and external activities that significantly increased the impact of our marketing and communication function and more broadly strengthened our operations within ecoinvent. Furthermore, Noemi’s leadership and enthusiasm for communicating the link between technical insights and real-world applications has been a critical driver behind our marketing activities’ rapidly increasing reach and impact.


With this well-deserved promotion, Noemi joins the senior management team of ecoinvent. In her new role, Noemi will build out the subsequent phases of the ecoinvent marketing and communications function and will augment our management team with her creative and strategic thinking and strong customer orientation.


The ecoinvent team is excited for this new chapter of her leadership and the journey ahead.