This panel, launched by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, aims to propel the EU hydrogen sector to the forefront of sustainable and circular technologies and value chains.


Hydrogen stands as a linchpin in the transition towards a climate-neutral economy, offering avenues for emission-free transport, heating, industrial processes, and inter-seasonal energy storage. However, realizing its full potential requires a holistic approach that addresses sustainability and circularity throughout its entire life cycle.


Antonio Valente is a member of Task Force 3, which focuses on the crucial aspect of hydrogen end uses, particularly in transport and stationary power generation. Their mission is to comprehensively tackle sustainability and circularity issues, aligning with policies and driving meaningful change in how we utilize hydrogen.


At ecoinvent, we understand the power of data-driven decision-making in fostering sustainability. Our database contains meticulously reviewed data that empowers organizations to make informed choices for a greener future. We’re proud to see Antonio Valente’s expertise contributing to such a pivotal initiative, and we’re confident that the insights generated by the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel will drive positive change within and beyond the hydrogen sector.


Antonio Valente has been selected as one of fifteen experts for the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel (EHS&CP)


The Panel’s activities, including monitoring project advancements, defining comprehensive approaches, and sharing recommendations, promise to shape a more sustainable and circular culture in hydrogen technologies. Together, we’re taking significant strides towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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