This compelling event solidified the viewpoint that leveraging data in sustainability reporting is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a strategy to gain a competitive edge. It will become increasingly critical for businesses to begin gathering and reporting data, as the European Union is actively formulating regulations to ensure that environmental statements are data-backed. Consequently, this will mandate compliance from Swiss firms, whether due to their direct influence or as part of another entity’s scope 3 emissions. Insights from various companies, big and small, underscore the importance of maintaining transparency and fostering cooperation when it comes to sustainability data.


Highlights from the evening included:


  • Baptiste Carriere-Pradal of 2BPolicy provided a thorough overview of crucial EU sustainability reporting policies, including CSRD, the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, EU Green Claims, and ESPR Principles. His presentation served as a valuable guide to the current status of climate policy in the EU.
  • Nic Meyer, CEO of ecoinvent, highlighted the growing importance of high-quality, transparent data in the wake of increasing regulations. His vision of “More regulation means more data” underscores the changing landscape of performance metrics and emerging opportunities.
  • Res Witschi of Swisscom gave insights into Swisscom’s approach to embedding sustainability into their core strategy, notably their digitalization of carbon footprint data, aiming for a tangible reduction in their environmental impact.
  • Matteo Trachsel of Thermoplan shared how this Swiss family business integrates sustainability at every level, particularly through life cycle assessments of all their machines – a testament to their environmental commitment.
  • Simone Thompson of CLIMADA Technologies spoke about fostering a global mindset shift towards sustainable business practices, underlying the vision and mission of her company.


A panel discussion moderated by Marion Gloor of Swisscom brought together these varied perspectives. The dialogue delved into the nuances of data availability, the mixed bag of challenges and opportunities posed by impending EU regulations, strategies for effective measurement, and the crucial aspect of delivering customer value through sustainability data.


Our heartfelt thanks to GreenBuzz Zurich for their support in making this event not just a success but also a wellspring of knowledge and inspiration.


We left the event energized, better informed, and ready to face the challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing developments in sustainability reporting. Let’s keep the conversation going to turn these insights into actions!