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This is the sixth in a series of FIPSE conferences, which aims to look into the big open research and educational challenges in the area of Process Systems Engineering.

Future Innovation in Process System Engineering (FIPSE) aims to provide a framework for researchers to come together and discuss selected topics in some depth, reflect on their accomplishments, and postulate future developments. The emphasis will, therefore, be on discussions rather than presentations and the future rather than the present and the past.


We have been invited to speak about Digital Sustainability Tools for Future Chemicals and Fuels. Alongside Prof. Gonzalo Guillen Gosalbez from ETH Zurich, ecoinvent Project Manager Iasonas Ioannou will present the first talk at the FIPSE-6 conference. As part of the day one theme, PSE for Digital Sustainability, their presentation will cover the importance of ‘computer-aided tools to quantify potential environmental impacts and find the best decisions to ensure sustainable development’ and more.


Read the presentation abstract here.


Each day of FIPSE-6 covers a different focus:
Day 1: PSE for Digital Sustainability
Day 2: PSE for Synthetic Biology
Day 3: PSE for Process Electrification

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