Unlimited access to the entire database, including three system models for LCA experts at universities and schools.

from € 3,800

Yearly maintenance fee € 750

This multi-user license can be used by an unlimited number of students under a single valid professorship for unsubsidized educational projects at a single university/school location.

  • Unlimited access to the entire database including LCI, LCIA, UPR, and reports
  • Data linked in three system models: Cut-off, APOS, and Consequential
€ 600 additional fee

EN15804 add-on

  • UPR, LCI, LCIA, and reports supporting an additional System Model compliant with EN15804, ISO21930, and ISO14025 standards
  • Additional yearly maintenance from the second year onwards for € 1 350
  • Subject to the End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Recommended for EPD practitioners

Free-of-charge licenses are available for universities and schools in low- and low-middle-income countries according to the updated classification from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), published in the World Economic Situation and Prospects Report 2024.


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Please note: For an additional one-off fee, Educational Multi-User licenses can be registered with selected LCA software providers, who can activate access to ecoinvent data through their software. We suggest confirming such one-off fees with the software provider of your choice. If you are planning on using ecoinvent mainly through third-party software, you can consider purchasing the ecoinvent license directly with the software provider without the one-off fee.

Included in the Educational license:
Licensing & Pricing
Licensee profile

schools & universities

End-user profile

LCA student

Number of end-users


Default subscription


License fees

from € 3,800

Yearly maintenance fees

from € 750

Data scope
For licensee


For sub-licensee
Additional features (upon request)

EN15804 as add-on

Data distribution
Customised XML / Excel files
Terms & Conditions
End User License Agreement
Frame agreements
Other licenses

from € 3,800

Price for 1st year


from € 6,000 / year

Yearly subscription


From € 4,500 / year

Integrate and sub-license ecoinvent data in software

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