We are committed to promoting sustainable practices by providing accurate and up-to-date data.

Our diverse range of partners represents multiple industries across the world

The ecoinvent database is widely recognized and respected, making us the leading source for environmental life cycle assessments.

Our partners range from multinational corporations to leading universities who share our commitment to promoting sustainable practices and using high-quality and transparent data.

Types of partners


At ecoinvent, we understand the importance of reliable and accurate data for your business. Our database is implemented in leading software tools across various applications. From eco-calculators and eco-design tools to expert LCA tools and business software tools like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD), we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive data available.


We are proud to collaborate with various consultancies that offer a range of sustainability services such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Our partners use the latest version of the ecoinvent Database to ensure the provision of the most accurate and reliable data available.


At ecoinvent, we are committed to promoting the use of high-quality data for environmental assessments globally. We engage in partnerships, initiatives, and projects that aim to promote good practices in the creation and use of life cycle inventories worldwide.

Our data in action

Our partnership with Makersite is a powerful combination of LCA expertise and cutting-edge digital technology.

With ecoinvent’s database providing inventory data for complete supply chains and Makersite’s platform enabling teams to collaborate, monitor, and optimize product sustainability, compliance, and cost in real-time, sustainable product development has never been easier.

Makersite leverages the ecoinvent database to provide its customers with a comprehensive solution for sustainable product development. Read the full interview on our blog.

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Below is a selected overview of the organizations, companies, and research institutes that trust and utilize ecoinvent’s database. These partnerships advance our mission to promote a more sustainable future.

Agribalyse is the French public agriculture and food LCI database. It provides generic LCA for all food products consumed in France. Based on a partnership between ADEME, INRAE, ACTA and ACTIA; the database aims at supporting eco-design projects and environmental information for consumers. Beyond its own data, it works with ecoinvent and WorldFoodDatabase, and aiming at alignment with the PEF methodology.


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CIRAIG is an international research group and center of expertise on sustainability and life cycle thinking. It aims to shape and implement metrics focused on life cycle thinking. It has notably developed an adaptation of ecoinvent’s database, Quebec LCI database to support the government’s sustainable development goals and enhance industry competitiveness

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SICV Brasil – The National Bank of Life Cycle Inventories was created to host Life Cycle Inventories of national products. The system is a database manager that aims to gather a consolidated set of Brazilian inventories, which directly implies an increase in the competitiveness of the national industry linked to a better environmental performance of products.

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The TOTEM (Tool to Optimise the Total Environmental impact of Materials) is a tool developed by the three Belgian Regions in order to help the Belgian construction sector objectify and reduce the environmental impact of buildings. TOTEM enables the environmental impact of construction elements or buildings to be assessed according to a scientific method adapted to the particularities of the Belgian construction market.


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