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Commercial Partnerships Agreements

Our data is integrated into numerous platforms.

From expert LCA and business software tools, such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to carbon footprinting applications.


To enhance our partnerships with such platforms and tools, fitting each platform’s own specific requirements, we offer multiple agreement options within the framework of the Developer and Enterprise license models.

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Institutional Partnerships

We welcome and engage in diverse partnerships, initiatives, and projects.

As part of our mission to promote and support the availability of high-quality data for environmental assessments worldwide, we aim at promoting good practices in the creation and use of life cycle inventories around the world.

In this context, we work with governmental and intergovernmental organisations. 
As well as LCA networks and database initiatives in a wide range of projects, processes and partnerships. These activities include supporting local networks of sustainability experts and stakeholders, engaging in capacity building on various data-related aspects of LCI and LCA, or identifying technical solutions for national LCA database initiatives.

The ecoinvent team also engages in projects at varying scales that explore ways for bringing different data pools or databases together to improve format handling/conversions, data sharing, and interoperability.

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